The Original PearBudget Spreadsheet

When PearBudget started out, it was simply a downloadable spreadsheet. It was easy to use, and it helped a lot of people get their finances in order. We created it because we needed something simple to track our income and expenses. So we made it, and we put it online, for free.

People loved it.

When we launched the new, web-based version of PearBudget, we knew some people would prefer the old version. This page is here for you to download the original PearBudget spreadsheet, for free. It’s still a really great tool, and it might be just what you need to start budgeting.

To download your own copy of the spreadsheet, just right-click on the box below, select “save file as”, and then save it to your computer.

And if you’d like, you can check out the new, online version of PearBudget. We crafted it to be even easier to use than the spreadsheet. You can try out the new version with a free 30-day trial.