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How do I add a new receipt in PearBudget?

Here's a secret: the not-super-exciting work of manually entering your receipts on a regular basis is actually where the magic happens in PearBudget.

Why is that?! We've found that in the goal of gaining control over your money, the most powerful change you can make is to develop the habit of paying attention to where that money is going. Give yourself permission to focus solely on building this habit when you first start budgeting.

Here's how to enter a receipt, transaction, or income earned:

  1. Go to the "Enter" page in PearBudget by clicking on "Enter Your Receipts" at the very top.

  2. Type the date (or choose it from the dropdown calendar). Bonus: If you're entering the transaction on the date that it occurred, then today's date is already filled in and you can skip this step!

  3. Enter the amount you spent or earned.

  4. Choose the category for your transaction from the dropdown. If your receipt involved spending in several categories, click the link that says "Choose multiple categories?"

  5. Add any notes or tags about the transaction so you can remember details about it in the future or see it grouped with other similar transactions, possibly from other categories. You can separate distinct tags with commas.

  6. Click "Submit"!