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Where is my PearBudget account?

We’ll get concerned emails every so often, saying something like “I know I have a PearBudget account, but when I log in, my data is all gone!” We can understand why you’d be concerned!

Almost every single time this happens, the person writing in has multiple email accounts (maybe they signed up with their email address once and created a trial account, and then they signed up with their partner’s email address for the “real” account). And they’ve signed in to PearBudget using their secondary email account.

A good way to recall which email address you used with your PearBudget account: Look in your email inbox for a “welcome to PearBudget” email from us. If you have multiple email addresses with the “welcome” email, try one of the alternates.

So! Don’t fear if you think your data might be missing. It’s probably just waiting for you in another PearBudget account, associated with your other email address.