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How do I delete a spending category in PearBudget

Sometimes you want to clean up your budget! Great!

You have a few options for cleaning things up. You can mark a category as inactive (which is what we recommend at first!), or you can go ahead and delete the category. Let’s talk about those a bit.

Here’s the most important thing about deleting a category: When you delete a category, you also delete all of the receipts (from all time) that were a part of that category. If you want to save your receipts, make it inactive instead.

To Make A Category Inactive

If you have any receipts for the current month, or a budgeted amount for the category for the current month, it’ll still show up as a regular category. If there’s no activity for the current month for that category, though, it’ll be hidden from view.

To Fully Delete A Category

(Remember: This will also delete all of the receipts in that category!)

One Last Note on Inactive Categories

Just because a category is “inactive” doesn’t mean you can’t add a category to it!

To record a receipt in an inactive category, just enter it as normal on the “Enter Your Receipts” page, and when you get to the “category” dropdown box, look at the veeeeery bottom of the list of categories. You should see your inactive categories listed there.