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How do I carry over my balances from one month to the next?

When you’re tracking your expenses, you have two main kinds of expense categories — the ones you want to carry over from month to month and the ones that you want to start over fresh each month.

When you want to carry over your balances, set that category as an ”Irregular” category.

For categories that start over each month, set them up as ”Monthly” categories.

We’re looking into renaming those buckets so they reflect the ”rolling over” nature of the Irregulars. If you have feedback on that, please let us know!

When Setting Up A New Year

You also have the option of starting over each January 1st, so your Irregular categories can start over without any baggage from past years. In order to do that, visit your ”Set Up 2020” (or whatever year it is) page, at For categories you want to carry over, make sure the box is checked. For those you want to start fresh on January 1st, make sure the box is unchecked.